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Commercial Office Space Design Concepts

Whether you are looking to move into a new building or are planning on renovating your existing venue, choosing the right commercial office space design can do wonders for your business. Refreshing and optimising the space improves employee satisfaction and productivity, while also making it an appealing place to visit for guests.

The best commercial spaces combine visual appeal with practical design, resulting in areas that are pleasant to look at, use, and navigate. No matter your industry, whether you operate an office building or a high-class restaurant, it is vital that you implement effective design that appeals to both your employees and your visitors.

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Tips for Designing Commercial Spaces

Consider the Flow of Your Layout

From the early stages of designing commercial spaces, it is important to consider how people will move throughout the area. Whether it is staff moving between workstations to speak to their co-workers or guests arriving to engage with your services, there must be clear walkways for people to navigate through. The best layouts should act as a guide to help people navigate where they need to be.

Ensure there is plenty of space between furniture so people can easily navigate around, while making the office feel more open and spacious. This looks different in every industry, as desks placed together in offices make sense so staff can collaborate, while they should be kept apart in bars and restaurants to allow for privacy.

Embrace Natural Light

Offices are often presented as cold and clinical spaces, illuminated only by artificial light. Rather than abiding by this outdated stereotype, power your commercial space with natural light to create a workplace that is bright and warm. Exposure to natural light is also proven to increase our wellbeing and mood, while making areas feel bigger than they are.

When planning for commercial office space design, consider how natural light fits into the space. Whether it is through floor to ceiling windows or skylights, natural light is a welcome addition to any workplace. It also reduces the reliance on artificial lighting, helping to cut energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

Go Green

Embracing biophilic design is another way to bring a slice of nature into your workplace. Countless offices and other commercial properties are choosing to decorate their venues with plants and small gardens. Some workplaces are even taking it a step further by implementing green initiatives where employees take care of a communal garden.

Along with being pleasing to the eye, plants and other lush greenery help to improve air quality, boost productivity, inspire creativity, and reduce stress. Decorating with plants is especially helpful for areas that are blocked off from natural light, as they provide a pleasant touch of the outdoors on the inside. Even after your fitout is finished, encourage employees to place a small plant on their desk to boost comfort levels.

Stay Flexible

The best way to make employees feel comfortable while designing commercial spaces is to create a flexible workplace. This can come in the form of ergonomic furniture, that workers can adjust at will, or even by promoting hot swapping across multiple desks so employees can work in the way that best suits them.

More and more offices are choosing standing desks when it comes to commercial office space design, as they promote a range of health benefits while providing users with a customisable desk that works for them. Everyone works differently, so catering for flexibility in the workplace allows your team to work in the way they feel the most productive.

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