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Sometimes life requires you to start fresh and move your business from your existing property. Often your lease requires that you must return the space to the state it was originally in when you first arrived. That’s why we offer office defits to help take the stress out of moving as we ensure the property is returned to the condition required by your lease. Our team has years of experience performing premium commercial defits for a range of clients in different industries and building types. This means we have seen it all and are standing by to help you gain a fresh start.

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What’s Involved in Shop Defits?

There are several services that encompass commercial defits and its typically based on the requirements of the client and their lease. 

We analyse your lease to ensure we return the space to the exact standard required in the agreement, while providing a quote for your convenience. Most office defits involve a combination of the following:

door removal

Removal of Walls and Doors

Extra walls, doors, and partitions are often installed in a space to better accommodate the business, such as a doctor’s office that requires privacy. 

We remove everything from walls to windows and ensure the space looks clean afterwards by plastering and patching up the affected areas. Any decals that have been attached to windows or walls are also be removed from the property.

Light Removal

Strip Outs

Often a property possesses features that have been added over time, such as lighting fixtures and other fittings. 

While these fixtures may add to the space, when it is time to move out these extras must be removed at the discretion of your landlord. We strip out these fittings and ensure they are removed entirely, returning them to you if they are in salvageable condition.


Repaint Walls and Ceiling

It is understandable to want a new colour scheme when moving into a space to better accentuate your business and identity. 

If you have repainted your property, landlords may ask you to return the walls and ceiling to their original colours once you leave. Moving is already a stressful time, which is why our shop defits include painting services to put your mind at ease.

Carpet Removal

Removal of Floor Coverings

If you have laid carpet or other coverings on the floor of your business, this is another feature that may need to be removed. 

Since the floor must typically be returned to the exact state it was in when you first arrived, our team works extra hard to remove any traces of adhesives that are present under the flooring.

Air Conditioner

Decommission Equipment and Services

Depending on the industry you work in, extra equipment and services may have been installed on the premises, such as ovens and air conditioners. Our office defits decommission these features, reconfiguring or removing them from the property as required to recreate the space’s original open plan layout.


Empty modern hall | Featured image for the Office Fitout Company Home Page for Tribella Group.

Repairs and Cleaning

Any property that has been used for an extended period is guaranteed to gain more than a few dents and scuffs along the way. 

Before handing over the property we ensure that it is presented in the best possible condition as we clean the space from top to bottom, and repair, plaster, or paint any walls or features that require it.

Choose Tribella Group for Your Office Defits

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We are a family-owned business that has been supplying Queensland with premium building, construction, and maintenance services for 8 years. We have completed over 3000 projects for our satisfied clients and strive to deliver outstanding outcomes every time. 

No matter your industry or the size of your building, our shop defits are designed to return the premise to the best possible standard to appease your rental agreement. With a team of experienced technicians, all our projects are conducted professionally and efficiently while operating during hours that best suit your business.

Moving out of your commercial building and need to return the property to its original state? At Tribella Group, we provide entire fitout solutions that cover everything from removing fixtures to ripping up floor coverings.  Focus on finding a new location for your business as we take care of the entire removal process for you.  To book a consultation and arrange a quote, reach out through our contact page or give us a call on 1300 459 697.

Need a Project Estimated?

We understand how busy you are. Our professionals will come to you to discuss your needs and requirements and arrange a site inspection at your convenience.

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